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I often use Doctranslate, and it's a very useful tool for me. The translation quality is quite good, and it allows customization of the translation tone and field. It can even translate text within images. The support team is very enthusiastic. Overall, I am very satisfied.
- Miss Julia Tran -

10 points, very useful for me. The work has become much simpler. The file after translation almost doesn't need much editing, the images and charts are also perfectly translated.
- Mr. Eric - Officer Employee

I had to stay up for 2 nights to manually translate the entire file that my boss assigned. I truly appreciate and their support team. Without their tool, I probably wouldn't have finished the translation on time.
- Mr. Mike Nguyen - Professional Translator

Everything you need to know? uses “credits” – a virtual currency used to pay for translation services on the platform. Each translation deducts a certain number of credits from the user’s account. For detailed information on credit packages, visit:
When registering a new account, users are provided with 5 free credits to experience the product.
Visit the DocTranslate homepage at To use the features of, you need to log in. There are two login methods: Login with Google or login with email and password.  For detailed instructions on how to log in, please see here: USER MANUAL
For detailed instructions on how to log in, please see here: USER MANUAL 
Currently, does not have versions for PC and phones. You can directly translate your documents at: 

Currently, supports translating 30 common languages and will continue to update up to 85+ other languages, meeting the translation needs of users. has a READ AND SUMMARIZE feature, helping users to summarize long documents, books into concise, encompassing content to understand the main ideas and focus of the text. With this feature, users can upload any document in a format that can be exported to a mindmap format.

For professionals or users with high requirements in specialized fields, professional translation can accurately translate specialized documents, legal texts, contracts, contextually appropriate, and smooth in style thanks to professional translation combined with the choice of TONE and DOMAIN.


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