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The following article discusses economics ebooks in English that you can refer to

Economics is a vast and complex field with various theories and concepts. To gain a solid understanding of economics, it’s essential to have a strong knowledge foundation. One of the best ways to achieve this is by reading books.

Currently, many English-language economics ebooks are available for free on the internet. These books, written by renowned economic experts, provide updated and comprehensive knowledge of economics.

In this article, we will introduce you to some useful and interesting English-language economics ebooks. We will also introduce, an online translation tool that can help you translate documents to English and other languages, allowing you to read these books in your familiar language.

How to Choose Suitable Economics Ebooks

Before diving into economics ebooks, it’s crucial to determine your goals. What area of economics do you want to explore? Do you want to enhance your basic knowledge or delve deep into a specific field?

Based on your goals, you can choose suitable books. If you’re just starting to learn economics, begin with introductory books that provide an overview of economic concepts and theories. Once you have a solid knowledge foundation, you can move on to more specialized books that offer in-depth insights into specific areas of economics. Additionally, utilizing a document translator like can be beneficial in translating these materials to your preferred language, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Some Recommended Economics Ebooks

Here are some recommended economics ebooks that you can consider:

1. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

– A popular economics book written by the free-market economist Henry Hazlitt.

– Provides an overview of basic economic principles, including supply and demand, prices, profits, competition, unemployment, inflation, and economic policies.

Ebook Link: HERE

2. Principles of Economics by Adam Smith

– A classic economics book written by economist Adam Smith.

 – Offers a general view of fundamental economic principles, including division of labor, common interests, free markets, and labor value.

Ebook Link: HERE

3. The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

– Another classic by Adam Smith, offering a comprehensive analysis of the market economy, including topics like division of labor, common interests, labor value, and business freedom.

Ebook Link: HERE

4. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes

– A classic work by economist John Maynard Keynes, analyzing Keynesian economic theory, including topics such as unemployment, interest rates, and economic policies.

Ebook Link: HERE

5. Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman

– A widely-read economics book by economist Milton Friedman.

– Advocates for capitalism, covering topics such as business freedom, free markets, and economic policies.

Ebook Link: HERE

6. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

A political work by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, providing an analysis of capitalism and proposing an alternative system: communism.

Ebook Link: HERE

7.The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek

A political work by economist Friedrich Hayek, presenting arguments against socialism, including topics like business freedom, free markets, and limited government.

Ebook Link: HERE

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To use for translating economics ebooks, follow these steps:

1. Upload or drag and drop the ebook file (in formats such as .xlsx, .docx, .pptx, .pdf).

2. Choose the destination language.

3.Customize translation preferences, including tone, domain (specialization/field), and image translation.

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English-language economics ebooks serve as valuable resources for enhancing your knowledge of economics. With the assistance of, a powerful PDF translator, you can easily translate these ebooks into your familiar language for reading.

Explore DoorDash’s “The Holiday Worker’s Lament” – A Fresh and Humorous Take on the Holiday Season

Delve into the world of DoorDash’s holiday campaign with “The Holiday Worker’s Lament”. Directed by the talented Camila Zapiola, this ad provides a humorous and insightful perspective on the holiday season, seen through the eyes of retail workers and DoorDash drivers. Combining relatable scenarios, melodious music, and creative storytelling, this advertisement is an unmissable experience this festive season.


“The Holiday Worker’s Lament” by DoorDash isn’t just any holiday advertisement; it’s a sharp, satirical take on the lives of those working during the holiday season. This ad reflects the stark contrast between the stressful world of retail work and the free-spirited, joyful life of DoorDash drivers.

Director Camila Zapiola’s Style:

Camila Zapiola’s direction brings a breath of fresh air, blending humor with reality to create a powerful message about the often-overlooked struggles of holiday retail workers. This style not only enhances the entertainment value but also provokes thought among viewers.

Characters and Music

The characters in the ad represent holiday season workers, with situations and emotions that anyone who has worked during the holidays can empathize with. The original soundtrack by Papa Music adds not only a fun element but also strengthens the connection between the audience and the story.

Personal Perspective

From my point of view, this advertisement goes beyond being just a marketing campaign for DoorDash. It vividly portrays the lives of holiday workers, combining elements of humor and reality to accurately and comprehensively reflect the holiday season’s realities.


In summary, DoorDash’s “The Holiday Worker’s Lament” is more than a standard holiday ad; it’s a creative masterpiece that offers a new and deep insight into the working life during the holiday season. This ad not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

Bill Gates Predicts: Three-Day Workweeks With AI

In the constantly evolving world of technology, billionaire Bill Gates has made a bold and groundbreaking statement. According to him, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a powerful tool but also the key to changing how humans work. Gates believes that thanks to the advancements in AI, people could reduce their working hours to just three days per week, while still ensuring enough wealth creation for society.

In a recent conversation on Trevor Noah’s podcast What Nows, Bill Gates shared his perspective on the future of Artificial Intelligence. He emphasized the productivity increase that AI brings, viewing it as an exciting aspect with great potential. He argues that AI will help eliminate tedious parts of work, opening the door to a new future of labor where people have more time for creativity, innovation, and personal activities.

This shift is not only a technological advancement but also a significant change in the perception of labor and life. Reducing working hours not only helps improve the mental and physical health of workers but also promotes a balance between work and life, a problem that many are seeking to solve.

With insights from Bill Gates, we can affirm that the development of AI is bound to happen in the future. Therefore, to keep up with the trend and the era of technological development, we also need to leverage AI in our daily tasks. One such AI tool that can assist you is, with its ability to quickly and accurately translate documents and specialized texts. In particular, also uses AI, promising to help your work become faster, easier and more effective.

While we wait for advancements in AI, understanding and accurately translating information in the technology sector is important. is a useful tool that helps you translate technological documents accurately and swiftly, keeping you updated with the latest developments in this field.

Effective Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is always an exciting experience, but it can become challenging when you don’t know the local language. Below are some tips to help you travel effectively without mastering the local language.

  1. Learn Some Basic Communication Phrases Learn some basic communication phrases such as “Hello”, “Thank you”, and “Sorry”. This not only helps you communicate minimally but also shows respect for the local culture and language.
  2. Use Body Language When verbal communication isn’t possible, body language can be an effective way to convey your message. Use gestures, facial expressions, and body language to communicate.
  3. Seek English-Speaking Guides If possible, look for tour guides or assistants who speak English. This will help you better understand the attractions and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  4. Use Visual Signage Pay attention to visual signs, as they are often designed to be easily understood without verbal explanation.
  5. Utilize Social Media and Travel Forums Social media and travel forums can be a valuable source of information. You can find tips and experiences from those who have traveled to the same destination.
  6. Prepare for Flexibility and Patience Not knowing the language can lead to unexpected situations. Be prepared to be flexible and patient when facing these challenges.
  7. Note Addresses in the Local Language If you need to go to a specific location, have the address noted in the local language. This helps locals guide you more easily.
  8. Use Online Translation Tools In the digital age, using online translation tools like becomes incredibly useful. You can translate from English to Vietnamese or any language you need. This helps you understand directions, restaurant menus, or even basic communication with locals better.

Conclusion: Traveling abroad without knowing the language is no longer an obstacle if you know how to prepare and use effective support tools. Using to translate from English to Vietnamese or other languages, along with thorough preparation, will make your trip smoother and more memorable. Enjoy every moment and expand your horizons through these journeys!

Optimize Your Work with Translating Tools

In the digital age, translating documents has become essential in many fields. Translating tools can support users in translating from English to Vietnamese, Vietnamese to English, and many other languages effectively. Below are ways to use – one of the effective translating tools for your work.

  1. Understand’s Features offers accurate and fast document translation services. From English to Vietnamese translation to Vietnamese to English, this tool uses advanced AI technology to ensure the best translation quality.
  2. Prepare Documents for Translation Before using, prepare the documents you need to translate. This saves time and ensures a smooth translation process.
  3. Choose the Appropriate Language for Translation With, you just need to select the target language for your document. supports many languages, from Chinese to Vietnamese translation to English translation, making it easy to switch documents between languages.
  4. Use Specialized Translation Features offers specialized translation features, useful for translating technical, medical, legal, and other field-specific documents. This increases accuracy and context relevance.
  5. Utilize OCR Technology Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to translate documents from images or scanned materials. This powerful feature helps you translate documents without needing to manually input data.
  6. Review and Edit the Translation After translating, take time to review and edit the translation. Although provides high-quality services, checking ensures there are no errors and the document is translated as accurately as possible.
  7. Store and Manage Translated Documents allows you to download the translated document files for storage, making it easy to manage and access. Utilize this feature to organize and store documents efficiently.

Conclusion: is a powerful translation tool that helps you accurately and effectively translate English to Vietnamese and many other languages. By using it correctly, you can optimize your work, save time, and improve work quality. Maximize this tool to enhance your efficiency in work and studies.

Top Translation Websites You Should Know About

In a globalized world, the need for translation has become increasingly important, not only in business but also in education and daily communication. Here is a list of top translation websites that will help you easily translate from English to Vietnamese and various other languages.

Google Translate:

Google Translate is currently the most popular translation website, supporting over 100 different languages. It can translate text, voice, images, and even web pages. However, the quality of translation can vary depending on the language and sentence structure. is one of the most professional translation websites, that supports multiple languages including English to Vietnamese and vice versa.’s strength lies in its ability to accurately translate specialized documents, from technical and legal documents to medical ones. Additionally, supports the translation of various document formats: PDFs, audio, images, etc., making it suitable for those who need precise, efficient, and quick translations.

Microsoft Translator:

Microsoft Translator provides text and voice translation services for over 60 languages. This tool stands out with its ability to integrate into Microsoft products like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, making translation more convenient.

DeepL Translator:

DeepL Translator is a translation tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide high-quality translation services. Although it currently supports only a few main languages, DeepL is renowned for its natural and accurate translation capabilities, especially when translating from English to European languages.

Bing Translator:

Similar to Google Translate, Bing Translator by Microsoft offers quick translation services and supports many languages. While not as popular as Google Translate, Bing Translator is still a reliable choice for text translation.

Yandex Translate:

Yandex Translate, developed by Russia’s leading technology company, offers translation services for over 90 languages. It has a user-friendly interface and provides accurate translations for European and Asian languages.

SDL FreeTranslation:

SDL FreeTranslation is a free online translation tool, supporting text and document translation. This tool is particularly useful for translating long and complex documents.


Reverso offers text translation services and is a useful language-learning tool. It features contextual translation and a synonym dictionary, helping users better understand language usage.


Choosing the right translation tool can help you easily overcome language barriers. From Google Translate to, each tool has its unique strengths and can assist you in different situations, from translating English, Vietnamese to English-Vietnamese. Utilize these tools to enhance your communication skills and global cultural understanding.

Preparing for Your First Day of University: Starting a New Journey

The first day of university is a significant milestone, marking the start of a new journey filled with challenges and opportunities. To ensure you have a smooth and effective first day, here are the things you should prepare.

  1. Essential Information About the University Research thoroughly about the university you will be attending: the campus map, academic buildings, library, dormitories, and student services. This will help you navigate easily and avoid feeling lost on your first day.
  2. Study Materials Preparation Arrange and bring all necessary study materials such as textbooks, notebooks, and stationery.
  3. Comfortable and Appropriate Attire Choose comfortable and suitable attire that fits the culture of the university. Neat clothing not only creates a good impression but also boosts your confidence.
  4. Communication Skills and Social Networking Learn how to communicate and make friends with other students. Social media is also a useful tool for connecting with student groups and participating in university events.
  5. Readiness to Learn The university is not only a place to acquire academic knowledge but also to develop life skills. Keep an open mind and be ready to learn from everyone around you.
  6. Personal Schedule Adjustment Determine your study schedule, rest periods, and extracurricular activities. A balanced schedule helps you avoid burnout and maintain good health.
  7. Personal Items Preparation Don’t forget to bring essential personal items like a laptop, phone, water bottle, and snacks.
  8. Study Support Applications Install study support applications on your phone or computer. For international students or those who need multilingual materials, is an indispensable tool for English-Vietnamese translation or Chinese-Vietnamese translation. With its fast file translation, audio translation, and voice translation, and suitability for specialized documents, is a great choice for you.

Conclusion: The first day of university is an important milestone that requires thorough preparation. From researching information about the university, preparing materials and attire, to using support tools like for English-Vietnamese translation, each step of preparation contributes to a complete and meaningful first day. Wishing you a fantastic start and success in your upcoming university journey!

Prepare for First Day at Work: Essentials for a Successful Career

The first day at a new work is a memorable and important experience, marking a new turn in your career. To ensure an effective and smooth working day, you need to be well-prepared. Below are the things you should prepare for your first day at the new workplace.

Basic Information About the Company

Firstly, thoroughly research the company you are about to join: its history, company culture, main products/services, and organizational structure. This will help you quickly integrate and understand more about your new working environment.

Professional Attire

Choose attire that aligns with the company’s culture. A professional, neat outfit will create a good impression with colleagues and superiors.

Prepare Necessary Documents

Organize all documents and papers related to your job, such as diplomas, certificates, and skill portfolios.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is key in the workplace. Be ready to introduce yourself confidently and in a friendly manner.

Understanding of Products/Services

Having a thorough knowledge of the company’s products or services will help you perform your tasks more efficiently.

A Willingness to Learn

Whether you are experienced or just starting, maintaining a learning spirit and adaptability is extremely important. Embrace all challenges and see them as opportunities for personal development.

Mental Preparation

Finally, be mentally well-prepared. You might face pressure or challenges in the initial days, but with thorough preparation and a positive attitude, you will overcome all difficulties.

Prepare AI Tools for Support

If you work in a multinational company or a company with opportunities to communicate frequently with foreign partners, the AI tool you need is This tool quickly translates files with advantages such as:

  • Using AI technology to provide accurate, context-appropriate translations
  • Fast and accurate image or document translation technology
  • Support for translating audio files and voice This tool is what you need to be more confident at your new workplace


Your first day at work is an important step on your career journey. With thorough preparation, from understanding company information to preparing attire, documents, and communication skills, you will be ready to face any challenges and maximize development opportunities. Good luck and success on your first day at the new workplace!

Top 5 AI Tools to Make Work Easier

In the digital age, AI has become an indispensable tool, helping us work more efficiently and quickly. Here are the top 5 AI tools you need to know to optimize your daily tasks:

  1. Customer Interaction Chatbots AI chatbots can analyze and respond to customer inquiries automatically. This tool saves time and enhances customer experience, particularly important in the service and e-commerce sectors.
  2. AI Data Analysis Tools AI is also widely used in big data analysis. AI analysis tools help businesses understand market trends and customer behavior more clearly, thereby making more accurate business decisions.
  3. AI Project Management Systems Project management systems using AI help automate and optimize workflows. From resource allocation and planning to progress tracking, AI makes project management easier and more efficient.
  4. – Multilingual Translation Tool supports not only English to Vietnamese translation but also provides translation services from Chinese to Vietnamese and many other languages. Using advanced AI, this tool translates quickly with high accuracy, making it an ideal choice for Vietnamese-English translations or English translations in any situation. Additionally, offers superior features such as:
    • Translating large files in just 5 minutes
    • Summarizing texts and documents with mindmaps for quick information grasp using Read & Summarize
    • Fast image and audio file translation in just 3 steps
  5. AI Marketing Automation Tools AI in marketing helps automate campaigns, optimize content, and analyze performance. This tool enables businesses to more accurately target customers, thereby increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Conclusion: AI technology not only optimizes work but also opens new opportunities in customer engagement and service. From English translation, and Vietnamese translation to project management and marketing, AI is becoming an indispensable partner in all areas. Start using these AI tools today to enhance your work efficiency!

OpenAI’s Corporate Shake-Up: Sam Altman’s Resurgence and the Crossroads of Profitability and Ethical AI

In an unforeseen twist, OpenAI has reinstated Sam Altman as its CEO, only five days after his forced departure by the board of directors. This unexpected reversal follows a series of events marked by financial intrigue, pressure campaigns, and intense media scrutiny. Against the backdrop of OpenAI’s recent success with the ChatGPT chatbot, the tech industry witnesses a dramatic episode that culminates in a celebratory party at the company’s San Francisco office.

A Balancing Act between Financial Success and Ethical AI Development

The rollercoaster of OpenAI’s recent corporate drama is mirrored in the jubilant atmosphere at the San Francisco office, where employees toast Altman’s return with chicken tenders, boba tea, and champagne. Amidst the apparent brink of collapse, OpenAI is undergoing significant restructuring, with the heavily criticized board of directors set to be replaced by a more conventional group. This includes notable figures such as former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers and a former Salesforce executive. Additional board members, potentially from OpenAI’s major investor Microsoft and the AI research community, are expected to join in the near future.

This upheaval positions OpenAI as a seemingly more robust entity capable of managing the substantial funds it has attracted and the heightened public attention following ChatGPT’s success. However, questions arise about whether the renewed focus on financial success may compromise the company’s initial mission of developing safe and responsible AI.

The OpenAI saga underscores the delicate balance required between profit-driven business interests and the ethical considerations of AI development. As the industry grapples with AI’s potential impact on employment and the ethical implications of technologies like autonomous weapons, the tech world observes closely to see if OpenAI can navigate these complexities more adeptly in the future.


The unexpected twists in OpenAI’s leadership saga prompt reflections on trustworthiness and alignment with its board. Despite the tumultuous week, industry insiders, including Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, see the episode as a brief yet highly dramatic blip that may ultimately enhance OpenAI’s value. As the company moves forward, its ability to balance financial success with a commitment to safe and responsible AI will be closely scrutinized by the tech community and beyond.